Automatically back up Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint & files on users’ endpoints in one solution.

As Microsoft 365 is a communications system rather than a data protection product, it does not include native options to back up and recover data. This means that it is the company, and not Microsoft, that is responsible for protecting itself against all kinds of Microsoft 365 data loss caused by malware, human error, malicious users or system failures.

With Complete365 Backup, you can relax – we take care of your data.

Avoid Microsoft 365 data loss with high-performance, user-friendly functionality

Using Complete365 Backup, you can benefit from a comprehensive backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive for Business accounts, SharePoint document libraries, and endpoints. Its easy configuration and multi-tenant management makes it easy to back up, manage and restore all your company Microsoft 365 data – automatically and hassle-free.



Manage and monitor all Microsoft 365 organizations and Windows endpoint backups through a central, multi-tenant online management console.


Backup of on-premise and roaming endpoints

Back up any endpoint, whether at the office or anywhere around the world, without requiring a VPN.


User-friendly backup dashboard

Centrally monitor backup and restore activities, backup health status and recent restore history. Set notifications for successful, failed, or warning backup states, email alerts or a daily summary digest.


Endpoint backup & policies

Policy-driven file-level backup for Windows desktops and laptops. Configure settings for large groups of Windows endpoints by setting up policies to define backup directories, cloud storage, frequency and retention.


Automated Microsoft 365 backups

M365 backups take place automatically up to 4 times per day. For endpoints, backups can be set to take place every 1 to 24 hours.


Back up data anywhere, anytime

Back up specific users, groups, SharePoint document libraries and endpoints at any time.

Managing and adding users has never been easier!


Full control

Choose which users and M365 items to back up when you add an organization.


Auto provisioning

Complete365 Backup enables you to auto-provision new users to be added to the backup list once they are created.


Bulk user management

You can enable or disable backups, and delete backup data for multiple users at once.


Account activity audit

Review a range of actions such as users enabling or disabling mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint backups; their data browsing activity; and their restore requests You can also export your audit if required.

More backup and recovery features


M365 versioning and recovery:

Any version of the file, conversation or mailbox that exists in the backup can be restored at any time.


Endpoint recovery:

Restore all files and folders from a chosen Windows workstation or laptop back to their original machine or to an endpoint management server.



Backups are searchable and browsable through various filters, taking the hassle out of searches.


Granular file or email item recovery:

Advanced search functionality lets you select individual files for recovery for OneDrive accounts, SharePoints, and endpoints.

Back up and restore data from several Microsoft 365 sources

OneDrive and SharePoint Document Libraries

Files, communication and access permissions Team channel conversations including Team meeting recordings

Microsoft 365 User and Group Mailboxes

Emails, calendar entries and contact addresses

Windows-based user endpoints

Files and folders on Windows-based laptops and desktops without requiring VPN

Teams Chats

User and group chats as well as any files shared during Teams Chats, meetings and Team channel conversations including Team meeting recordings

Complete365 Backup enables you to restore Microsoft 365 mailboxes, OneDrive accounts and SharePoint sites to the original account or to another account within the same or alternate organization belonging to the same customer. You can also download them as a .ZIP archive and in case of mailboxes, export them as a PST. Microsoft 365 Teams Chats can be restored back to a new Team or downloaded as HTML files.

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