Protect your Microsoft 365 against phishing, ransomware, advanced threats and data loss with Complete365 Protection Enterprise Backup, a unique cloud-based, all-in-one security and backup suite.

Benefit from the expertise of Axio Networks, leading email security and backup specialists, known for their tried and tested, awardwinning solutions, Complete365 Protection (email security for M365) and Complete365 Backup (backup and recovery for M36)

High Functionality for your Microsoft 365 Security:

Spam & Malware Protection

Email Encryption

Email Signatures & Disclaimers

Advanced Threat Protection

Email Archiving

Email Continuity

Backup & Recovery of MailBoxes & Teams

Backup & Recovery of onedrive & sharepoint

Backup & Recovery of Endpoints

Why you should have additional security functionality in place

Targeted attacks on Microsoft 365 accounts: Is your company protected?

Microsoft is regarded as the major driver of the worldwide migration into the cloud: It has brought the word’s most widely used office suite to the cloud with Microsoft 365, with some 240 million corporate customers using Microsoft 365. These business customers exchange and upload critical and sensitive files daily – a fact that cyber-criminals are well aware of. Microsoft recently reported a 250% increase in targeted attacks on M365 accounts. It has integrated some security features into M365, but the question you should ask is: Are these measures enough? The truth is you need another layer of security to enjoy comprehensive protection of your users against all kinds of email threats as well as against data loss.

Here’s why: Attackers find it very easy to identify an M365 user, because MS records and auto-discover entries are visible to the public online. It is therefore critical to secure your M365 accounts, since Microsoft’s built-in protection simply is not enough, and most companies don’t have it even enabled correctly because it’s not automatically setup and managed by Microsoft.

Axio Complete365 Protection deploys a host of powerful technologies to combat various types of email malware, security breaches, and more. An added plus is that we hide Microsoft’s DNS and MX records, helping to deflect would-be attackers.

1 in 4 Companies Using M365 Suffered From

an Email-Related Security Breach in 2022

Protection Against Data Loss

Another concern is that company information is created and shared in the form of emails, chats and files within the M365 universe, and this precious data can be lost or damaged. Yet, M365 was not developed to provide data protection. Microsoft provides its customers with a high-performing communications infrastructure, but responsibility for content and data security lies with users and their admins, not Microsoft. If data loss occurs due to accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware or system and human errors, you must be able to restore your Microsoft 365 data. You must therefore ensure you have a backup solution in place to protect your organization from data loss. Axio‘s team of backup specialists have developed a robust, reliable backup and recovery solution which covers mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive business accounts, SharePoint and roaming and on-premise Windows-based user endpoints. Enjoy peace of mind with Complete365’s all-in-one security and backup suite.

Highest Spam & Malware Detection rates on the market

AI-Based filter mechanisms to detect sophisticated attacks

Automated backups several times a day – set it and forget it

Policy driven, file-based protection for your endpoint devices

Email Live Tracking: Monitors all email traffic in real time and defines filtering and delivery options

Infomail handling: Prevents the direct delivery of emails that have been classified as newsletters and informative mail.

Content Control & Compliance Filter: Extended filter for automatic checking of email traffic (including file attachments) according to self-defined filter rules.

Spam and Malware Protection: Multi-level filtering systems and in-depth analysis for immediate detection and defense.

Outlook allow and deny lists: If you do not want to receive emails from one or more specific senders, you can add these to your personal deny list

Forensic Analyses & ATP sandbox: AI-based detection mechanisms for effective defense; protection against targeted and blended attacks through dynamic analyses.

URL Malware Control: Secures all Internet addresses contained in your email communication using the Axio Networks web filter.

Realtime Threat Report: Centralizes all the functions and results of Complete365 Protection and gives you a complete overview of your company security.

Malware Ex Post Alert: Immediate notification about emails that are only classified as harmful later on.

Global S/MIME & PGP Encryption: Strong encryption to secure email communication against unauthorized modification.

Secure Cipher Policy Control: Central Trust Chain-Management; individual definition of security criteria used for email communication.

Websafe: Permits emails to be encrypted and safely delivered even if your communication partner has no way of encrypting them at their end

Email Archiving: Automated, legally compliant and audit-proof email archiving

eDiscovery: Advanced email search functionality with numerous filters for precise location of data in seconds

10-Year-Email-Retention: Enables you to access the email archive at any time according to your selected archiving period.

Email Continuity Service: Effective protection against system failures with automatic and immediate activation of the service

Automated backups for mailboxes, teams, OneDrive and SharePoint: M365 data is automatically backed up several times a day. Manual backups are also possible at any time.

Recovery of M365 mailboxes, Teams Chats, OneDrive and SharePoint: A wide range of full and granular recovery options is available. Windows-based endpoint backup and recovery: Any endpoint, whether at the office or anywhere around the world, can be backed up without requiring a VPN.

Account activity audit: Review a range of actions such as users enabling or disabling mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint backups; their data browsing activity; and their restore requests.

Individual User Signatures: Central control over companywide email signatures.

1-Click Intelligent Ads: Set up automatically integrated ad banners or links in email signatures for external corporate email communication.

Company Disclaimer: Automatic integration of uniform and legally compliant company disclaimers.

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