Next-Gen Security, Compliance, Backup and Management Solutions for Microsoft 365

Everything you need for email protection, security, management, backup, business continuity and compliance.

Complete365 Protection Suite

Cloud Security for Microsoft 365

Complete365 Protection Business

Complete 365 Protection Business from Axio Networks provides comprehensive protection for Microsoft’s cloud services. It has been developed specifically for seamless interaction with Microsoft 365.

Complete365 Protection Enterprise

Complete365 Protection Enterprise from Axio Networks enhances Complete365 Protection Business with features such as email archiving and ATP sandboxing.

Complete365 Protection Enterprise Backup

Peace of mind is what you get with our most comprehensive service for Microsoft 365. Seamless integration, simple management, and powerful features improve your experience.

Email Security & Compliance

Maximum protection for your Email traffic

Email Archiving

Email Archiving without effort: Store your incoming and outgoing emails in a revision-proof and legally compliant manner in highly secure datacenters.

Signature and Disclaimer

Uniform and legally compliant email signatures and disclaimers to ensure your professional company image in email communication.

Continuity Service

The stand-by system for emergencies. Activated within seconds, our service keeps your email traffic up and running in the event of a failure.


The Axio White Glove Experience, for Microsoft 365

Setup & Migrations

Want to make the switch to Microsoft 365 but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve helped setup over 3000 businesses on Microsoft 365, we can help yours too. Have Files and Emails to Migrate? No worries, we can get those done for you too.


Don’t have time to manage your company’s email and communications systems? We don’t blame you, in fact we offer Managed365 for situations just like yours. Complete White Glove management for your Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

At Axio we believe it making our clients lives easier, that’s why we also offer all of your Microsoft 365 licensing, as a Microsoft Gold Partner we can help guide you and make sure you’re not wasting money on licenses you don’t need.

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